2012 SCHLUEBarchitecture Student Design Competition

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Announcements & Updates

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The Finalists for this year's competition have been selected.  Please visit the Finalist webpage for a listing of their names, schools and a description of what they will receive in recognition of their accomplishment.  Thanks again to all of the students that participated, the designs submitted were some of the highest caliber work since the competition started three years ago.  Please check back to the Finalist webpage on Monday, May 21st to view the drawings of the winning entries.
(May 8, 2012)

I have been asked by a couple schools if the deadline could be extended for the student design submittals.  In light of the fact I was planning to move back the tour date (due to a conflict with one of the tour stops), I thought the additional time available could be used by the students to improve/add more to their designs if they would like.  THE NEW DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTALS IS MONDAY, APRIL 30th.  If your design has already been sent in, you may make changes and re-submit, otherwise we will use the current submission for judging.  For those students that have been considering entering, but did not submit a design, take advantage of this opportunity to enter - all submittals will be considered.
(April 16, 2012)

A couple students have been asking questions about the park's parameters, most of which is covered on the competition's website at the above link.  I wanted to post the link again here, just in case there are still some students that have not found the webpage:  http://www.schluebarchitecture.com/2012/PublicParkDesign.html   There are many helpful tools and information for your designs.  Please look throught it and email me with any questions.
(February 23, 2012)

Some of the students have asked where to locate information about the Cloud Arbor sculpture piece to be included in your designs.  A written description, drawings (plan and elevation) and images of the artist's conceptual design, as well as a YouTube video of a mock-up of how the Cloud Arbor will work are located on the competition website's information page (the above link, just below the YouTube video on this page).  A plan and elevation of the piece is also located on the left side of the site drawing, inside the CAD drawing file, for your reference and use.  The Cloud Arbor needs to be inserted into the site (to scale), anywhere you choose, to best accent your design.  Keep in mind the sculpture piece is interactive, with the spacing of the poles large enough for people to walk through the piece, to experience the mist that creates the cloud coming out of the poles.  So, consider how best the sculpture can be utilized by people using the park, walking through, or children playing.
(February 2, 2012)

Welcome to the third annual SCHLUEBarchitecture Student Design Competition.  This years competition focuses on a public space, the design of a park in the heart of Pittsburgh's north side.  The above link has a variety of information and tools to help you begin.  Check back here for updates and answers to questions.  New this year, all of the Finalists will have the opportunity this summer to work with Matthew Schlueb on the design and construction of a current client's home.  Good luck and have fun!
(January 16, 2012)

The 2012 Student Design Competition will begin on Monday, January 16th.  Details of the competition will be posted here at that time and competition packets will be mailed out to the participating schools.  Please view the video above to find out about an exciting change we have made for the Finalists in this year's competition. 
(January 11, 2012)