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To preserve the private nature of a home for my clientele, I am reluctant to publish their designs.  However, to demonstrate what can be done with my most common architectural requests, these homeowners have graciously volunteered their homes as examples.  Names, locations and details specific to the families have been omitted.

Case study for a house built from scratch
Originally created as a home to raise a family, my own home became an exercise in creativity.

Case study of a home makeover
For people that love their neighborhood, but not necessarily their house, a home makeover is the perfect solution.

Case study of a one room addition
Sometimes one more room can relieve space problems and change the way a house is used.

Case study of sustainable design
For homeowners that want to reduce their eco-footprint, sustainable design makes the greatest impact.

Sample Conceptual Design Package
An example to illustrate what is included in a complimentary Conceptual Design.

Looking for the latest materials or fixtures for your home?  Click on my
Ideas for your Home link.  Check back often, I update the list every time I find a great new product.

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